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Sorry if I start to rant but I just need to get this out…

These past 3 weeks have been hell for me. I’m not gonna go all deep on this but the thing is, there’s these guy, he’s in my same career and we’ve been really good friends since we started uni. 

We started going out on summer break, I don’t know what happened but he suddenly stopped talking to me.

School started a few weeks ago and everything went from bad to worst. We don’t talk to each other at all, even though we sit next to each other in all of our classes. And it’s just killing me, because I really cared for him. He was not just a guy I liked, he was my best friend. 

So, I’m trying  just put on a smile and try to keep me busy with work, and school to avoid thinking about him. That’s why I haven’t been here a lot, and why I haven’t answered any messages, I’m sorry! 

So I’m taking a break from tumblr and all social networks, to focus and take care of myself.  Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be that long :)

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This series of drawings kind of started by accident, but I ended up pushing through with them because they actually really helped me to visualise what I’m currently going through. Anxiety and irrational fears suck, but every day I’m learning to deal with them a little better and hopefully it’ll reach a point where they become insignificant. I wrote a more in-depth explanation here about the sharks. Thanks for all the nice feedback on these too, I can’t tell you what it means to me. 

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Jellybots comics are available to order! :}D
All you see above and more is available in physical form at my brand new online shop- pick up your copy now!

Jellybots is a personal project I’ve been working on for a while- a coming-of-age scifi story about Sam, a new kid at a strange flying school where a secret curriculum is taught in a substance called Jelly.

Jelly takes on colors, characteristics & qualities unique to each student. Everyone but Sam, that is- whose Jelly only seems to want to be a lifeless lump of grey goo…

It’s my first foray into making and printing my own comics! Start the adventure with me and support my personal work by grabbing a copy and telling your friends :)



My good buddy Nick is diving headfirst into self-publishing with the first chapter of his comic Jellybots, so you should definitely head over and order a print copy post haste!  Get in on that ground floor.  You won’t regret it. :D

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Nick and his work since RISD- lots of “how is this guy so good and yet he is one entire year younger than me what is happening”- but it’s mostly just love mixed with general feelings of inadequacy.  His handling of colour theory, fluid shape language, unique character design, and compelling narrative are one in a million, and I’m always happy to support my talented buddies- they’re the ones that push me to be better in the first place. <3



with all these classes i feel like all i have time for is sketches of my ocs poorly colored with layers set to multiply


with all these classes i feel like all i have time for is sketches of my ocs poorly colored with layers set to multiply